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Meet The Artist



Ron Davis is a multi award winning Artist who has a unique ability to recycle lead into wonderful works of art.  For most of his career, he assisted architects on the renovations of ornate lead roofing on historical buildings in the UK. He approached his work for 23 years always knowing that there was more to his abilities, but never quite taking advantage of his wonderful creative flare. Until 2004, when he began recycling scrap lead into unique works of art.

With awareness of waste disposal and with the environment in mind, he salvaged discarded lead and started using these in his sculptures. In 2005 Ron was accepted to exhibit at the prestigious London Chelsea Flower Show, and with the assistance of a landscape gardener produced an exhibit of lead ornamental water features and sculptures, set amongst an array of plants and flowers.  It was here that he met some of the most famous celebrities, including Ringo Starr of The Beatles. He was asked to return the following year, and produced an equally impressive exhibit, which won him a Commendation Award.  It was appearing at Chelsea that lead to key commission pieces since.

Now living in Ballarat (VIC), Ron takes inspiration from the natural backdrop of the Ranges and continues with his crusade and passion about lead.  Most recently, he has been sponsored by Consolidated Alloys based in Thomastown, VIC, Australia’s premier manufacturer of tin and lead based products.  Ron has a genuine passion for using his skills and creativity to assist those who put their lives at risk for our country.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Lest We Forget 100 Centenary '303' Poppy Project.


Each poppy is unique. No two are the same. These are handmade (recycled) from the bullets personally collected by the artist himself from the Kyneton historical rifle range, which dates back to 1906.

A numbered  limited edition of three hundred and three ('303') representing the .303 bullet. Funds from the sale of each of these limited poppies is donated to the various organisations.  Today there are only a few of the numbered series available for special charitable events..                                                        

Ron Davis

                                                       Battlefield Blue.

Battlefield Blue was created by Ron Davis for the awareness of PTSD and Depression amongst our servicemen and women, first responders and all those who suffer the invisible wounds. Ron recently was given a handful of lead shot from the Battlefields of Passchendaele Ypres Belgium, by Mr Kerry Stokes and Doug Baird at the Australian War Memorial to make some very special remembrance and battlefield blue poppies to be auctioned  to raise money for Cams Cause and the Commando Association.  And in November 2019 Ron was invited to the Battlefields of Belgium to personally collect more lead shot for many more fund raising events. These Beautiful hand crafted lead poppies are a beautiful tribute from a weapon of death into an emotional keepsake.

Ron has created a wearable enamel Battlefield Blue Badge that sell in many outlets including the Australian War Memorial, Shrine of Remembrance and RSLs, these badges can be worn on any given day to show the support of those that suffer.  Ron donates funds to many organisations. 

   Menin Gate, Ypres


The handover of lead shot from the landowners to Mr and Mrs Stokes and Freddy Declerck Honorary Captain of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

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