Lead Poppies

Hand crafted in Ballarat Vic to reflect on those who fought for us & live a different life battle today.

 Fired from a rifle a gun they sound,

Fly through the air some fall to the ground, 

Covered in soil and grass they lay,

100 years we remember our heroes this day,

Now rise the bullets recycled from the past,

A beautiful poppy that will ever last.
Words by Ron Davis

Ron donates to those who support our veterans including RSL Clubs and other related bodies.

Remembrance Poppy, 

Made from the .303 lead core bullets, ( projectiles )..

Individually crafted lead poppy approx 6cm diameter.
Stand alone or framed.

Comes with the Remembrance Red Poppy Printed Poem.

(Limited numbered edition only available for charitable projects).

To Place an order please contact
Ron Directly:

on 0424 800 060

Enamel Wearable badges 19mm or 30mm Broach - $5.00 $10.00

A field of poppies gently blow before any war of friend or foe.

And when the rifles unleashed their lead brothers on both sides lay damaged and bled.

For when our heroes lay in pain hands reach to be helped and healed to fight again but not a war for themselves with many life struggles and often no help. As our Battlefield Poppies sit quietly, speaking none. Touching their hearts, their badge they watch the rising sun..

Words by Ron Davis

Please call Ron directly to discuss artworks that reflect your purpose.

Poppy Tributes
by Ron Davis

0424 8000 60

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@2017 by Ron Davis Poppy Tributes

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