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Battlefield Blue

In honour of our servicemen and women and first responders who have passed and those who still experience PTSD today.

And all that suffer.


Created to raise awareness and support for our veterans and families. A unique beautiful remembrance piece for each family story.

Ron is donating funds through his works to keep the conversation alive for those who risk 
their lives and make sacrifices that we can take for granted.  Bullets from Battlefields and firing ranges are collected and recycled into beautiful remembrance pieces,

 handcrafted individually.

Ron includes a poem to compliment the red and blue poppy design works.
Touching words to help us reflect and be aware of the effects of battle.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Depression are a daily experience for veterans and families.

Ron aims to make a difference by supporting the 
Australian servicemen /women, first responders and their families.

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A field of poppies gently blow before any war of friend or foe.

And when the rifles unleashed their lead brothers on both sides lay damaged and bled.

For when our heroes lay in pain hands reach to be helped and healed to fight again but not a war for themselves with many life struggles and often no help. As our Battlefield Poppies sit quietly, speaking none. Touching their hearts, their badge they watch the rising sun..

Words by Ron Davis

Stories & Thanks

Thank you so much for your initiative, skill and generosity in producing the poppies. They are a magnificent tribute which will be treasured by us and those who acquire them. And look forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future.
Dr Brendan Nelson, Australian War Memorial

Enamel wearable Badges 19mm 0r 30mm

$5.00 & $10.00

Postage Australia Express registered small package $10.00 to guarantee delivery.. 

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